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DIY Lego table

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Hands up if you find lego in every room in your house! We certainly do! I love lego and I love all the learning possibilities it has for children. My boys are so creative with it, coming up with all sorts! To be fair to them their building and creative skills have definitely surpassed myself and my husbands!

The kids have been going on about a lego table ever since my sister in law made a lego table out of an old coffee table awhile back for her kids. She just super glued the big lego squares to the top of the coffee table and put some boxes with the lego under it. Her kids love it and everytime we went to visit, it was the first place my kids went.

Our playroom didn't have space for another large item to be in it and the boys had out grown the IKEA play kitchen ( it hadn't been touched in 6 months) so I struck a deal with them. We donate the kitchen to their school and in return I would make them a lego table which they quickly convinced me into making it a full lego corner!

This is the space below we decided to turn into the lego corner.

I wanted to try and recycle as much materials as I could with what we already had. The table and chairs are 6 years old, bought in IKEA in Belfast for £20. It has served us well and we previously used it as a writing table but the boys have now taking to drawing down on the floor in the sitting room so it was fast becoming a dumping spot!

I used some paint I had left over from painting other things around the house. To be honest I didn't bother sanding the table or chair down or sealing it because let's face it the kids will have it destroyed and covered in chips and marks in no time so I felt putting in those extra hours of graft just wasn't worth it!

We already had one large lego base so I bought another 3 in home savers for €4.50 each. The boys decided how they wanted them to be placed and I measured them out and cut them using a Stanley knife and a ruler (I used the ruler to keep the lines straight) which made it quite easy to cut. I put some super glue on the back and stuck it on.

The containers I bought in home savers, €4 for the two clear ones (it's actually for the bathroom) and €3 for the pink ones (pack of 3), the hanging ones that are hanging on the edge of the table were €2.50 each. These are quite large and are great for the 2x2, 2x3, 2x4 type blocks. The shelf was an unused shelf I had bought in IKEA about 4 years ago. It's just big enough to hold some of their creations! I probably could do with another 10 shelves to display all their master pieces!

Please do note this radiator does not be turned on hence why we are using it this way.

We reused some hooks and stuck them to the walls first and used fancy IKEA containers we had for some other storage sections and put the containers on the hooks. The colour dots are stickers that a friend gave me which she got from a recycling centre. Under the table is another box of mixed Lego with extra pieces like the blocks and flat ones. We also have a basket with all the instructions under the table too.

Lastly I designed and created our own lego display cards. We decided to categorise them by pieces rather than colour and its worked really well. I have these 9 lego cards as a free download, just click here link below.

In total it took me roughly 8 hours over 2 days to complete the project and cost €25.50. It was a fun project that the boys and I worked on together and we are delighted with how it turned out. They love it and have been very busy over the last few days, sitting together, building lots of creations.

Honestly it's nice to have a place that contains most of the lego and somewhere where they can play together however I'm under no illusion that there won't be lego in every room of the house because let's face it for the next few years I'll still be finding it everywhere!

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