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Elfie's antics & free Elf activity pack

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

What ever you do, do not let your elf read or see what our elf Elfie has gotten up too over the last 6 years! You don't want to be giving them any ideas!!!!

Elfie joined our family, Christmas 2016 and every year he comes, on that morning it means we have to put our Christmas tree up! (always the last weekend in November). When he joined our family, he came with a letter and a magic door so he could find us every year.

In the letter it said that Elfie was sent to us to have some fun, every morning leading up to Christmas. He doesn't report back to Santa, he's not magical (so the boys can touch/lift him), he isn't watching the boys or anything like that. He can't leave till Santa comes back for him on Christmas eve. I'm pretty sure Santa locked the magic door from the inside!!!

Elfie you see would have caused to much havoc in Santa's workshop so Santa sent Elfie to us to keep him out of trouble in the North Pole in the lead up to Christmas! Of course Elfie gets up to all sorts of mischief every night when the boys go to bed! And the boys love getting up every morning to see what he has gotten up too when they where sleeping.

Two years ago he took an accomplice with him to the boys delight! Her name is Rosie and boy did these too get up to so much mischief!

If you do get a Christmas visitor each year or if you are thinking of inviting one into your home, I do recommend putting the book you get with him straight in the bin.

Elf on the shelf in my opinion should add to the Christmas fun and magic, not cause anxiety or stress in children leading up to Christmas. Stress and anxiety is reported to be on the rise in children at Christmas especially if their elf is reporting bad behaviour back to Santa. Of course it can also cause you stress or add to the million other things you have to do leading up to Christmas. I do think its a personal choice if you introduce him/her into your Christmas tradition.

Joanna Fortune, Child psychotherapist has a great article on it, that us worth a read;

Our elves love having so much when we are sleeping, here are some of our favourites below:

Toilet roll:

Elfie is extremely fond off toilet roll! I don't think there is a room in our house left that hasn't been covered in toilet roll in the last 6 years! Nothing or no one is safe when Elfie gets his hands on toilet roll!

Artistic side:

Our elves are very artistic and they have done some fantastic and creative art work on our walls, floors and even on their family faces & toes! They are very fond of using markers, nail polish, googly eyes, stickers, plasters, make up, condiments, anything he can get their little hands on to make their creations!

Target practice:

Elfie enjoys turning things in our house into target practice and even sometimes he uses other toys as his targets! He also likes to start fights with the other toys too which can create a massive mess!

Held hostage:

From time to time the toys get their own back on the Elfves and hold them hostage! Although this never ends well as it becomes tit for tat between them all!

Elfie the chef:

Elfie thinks he's a chef at times although I'm not to sure of his choice of ingredients at all! Thankfully he is just a little too short to reach the switch to turn the cooker on!

Hide and seek!

The elves have great fun too hiding in different places around the house. They always give someone a fright especially when they hide behind curtains or blinds!


Clearly Elfie at some point must have been part of Santa's gift wrapping department because boy does he love wrapping things in our house up!

Feeding the other toys:

I'm pretty sure our toys don't eat our food when we go to bed but that doesn't stop Elfie from feeding them!

I'm sure Elfie and Rosie will be up to all sorts again very soon so do make sure you are following us over on @playwithmemammy and check out our Elf antics highlights for more crazy ideas these two have had! Hopefully your Elf doesn't see this blog post or he might just get an idea of two from it!

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For your free 11 page Elf activity pack click the link to download for free.

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Please note: Some of Elfies ideas have been his own, some he managed to see on other pages on the internet however I never took note where he found them from. I do not claim all these ideas, as my own, alot have been in circulation for years.

All photos in this blog are my own ©️

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