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Yes Day: Why I said Yes to Yes Day and will I do it again?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The whole idea of Yes day originated from a children's book called Yes day by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld . This book then gave actress Jennifer Garner inspiration to do a yes day with her kids were the kids are in charge for 24hours and their parents have to say yes to everything. She gives her three children a Yes Day every year and I just love her posts on it. The book then inspired Netflix to make a hit movie call Yes Day in which Jennifer Garner even plays the mother! If you haven't seen this movie yet its a most! It is so funny but maybe watch it after you have had your own yes day incase the kids get any ideas from it!

We have watched the movie now a few times so you know that ever since the boys watched it the first time they have been asking for a yes day! I wasn't too sure so I finally gave in after watching Jen Hogan give her seven kids a yes day on Instagram not that long ago. I thought if she could survive a yes day with her seven kids surly I could survive one with my two!

Now I did put some ground rules in so that they didn't get carried away! First one was that we had to say no to anything that we thought would be dangerous or cause them harm (ie. can I jump from the top of the stairs! etc) and second that they couldn't ask for material things like a PlayStation etc. but could ask for things like ice cream, take way that kind of thing. They seemed to be happy enough with these rules and understood why we had to make them.

Of course the night before yes day my 6 year old was so excited and was constantly reminding us that we have to say yes to everything he said tomorrow! To be honest I was quite nervous going to bed as I really wasn't too sure on what he or his brother would come up with for the day!

We had a nice early start at 6.52am with a request of their tablets and popcorn for breakfast! The boys generally only get their tablets if its been a very rainy day or when we go on long car trips! And dont you know they were only delighted that I had to say Yes to their request! The morning went by quite quick, they watched their tablets, eating a family size bag of popcorn and I had a coffee but it wasn't long before the next request came in, this time ice cream at 8am! At that point I knew there would be a common theme around unhealthy food for the day!

At around 9.30 I asked my 6 year old what he wanted to do next and that we should get dressed and head away somewhere for the day. His reply was only if I can make the picnic! Yep you guessed it, the most healthiest picnic you have ever seen!

We headed off to Stephenstown Pond in Knockbridge getting there at 10.30am and we set up our picnic spot. It was such a beautiful morning and even though there was quite a few people around it never felt busy. The requests started to come in, push me, watch me, go on this with me, slide down the slide, go on the roundabout (if you follow me on Instagram you will know I don't have the stomach to watch them go on this never mind me actually going on it) but it was yes day so I went on it. Think they realised very quickly that mammy and a roundabout dont go together as I quickly started changing a different colour and thankfully they let me off it! I was so close to throwing up! We stayed there for about 2 hours before we headed off for a walk around the grounds.

Mr4 wanted to go see the swan at the lake so we went off in search for it but got side tracked by the stream where they played happily for about 40 minutes, jumping over and back and climbing on the trees on and in the stream. We picked a sunny spot by the stream and my husband and I sat watching them play, explore and play curiously together. When we got in to the car the next request was for ice cream. As we drove off Mr4 just remembered he didn't get to see the swan so we had to drive back around and park again and just as we were getting out he changed his mind again and just wanted to go get ice cream! On the way back into town they asked to put their windows down in the back and put their heads out the window like a dog! Obviously this would be classified as dangerous, plus in order to actually stick their heads out the window they would have to take their seat belts off so we compromised with them and they could lean over and put their faces to the end of the window, that way they still would get some breeze on their faces.

Since the pandemic the boys have hardly stepped foot in a shop so of course they were going to ask to come in. I kid you not, it was like and episode of supermarket sweep! 20 mins later and 12 euro lighter we came away with two 99's, two packets of tic tacs, two packets of smarties, five pack of twirls and a donut! Thank god they dont come into the shop often with me to get ice cream, I'd be out a fortune!

Mr4 has saved up all his birthday money to buy a four man tent and a big swimming pool but with Argos and Smyths closed he hasn't be able to buy them. Luckily I picked up a little 3foot pool in Tesco on Friday morning as I knew that it would be on the agenda as the weather was giving good. We were only in the door and they were out blowing up the pool and filling it with water! Now they did ask for a water balloon fight but we couldn't find the left over water balloons from the time we did the outdoor freezing experiment so I did promise them the next time I see them I will buy them and we will have the water balloon fight another day. The pool was tiny but sure they didn't care, they had me in stitches as they ran in and out of it, doing cannon balls with their goggles on, loving life!

To warm them up they jumped in to the shower and when they got out and dressed they asked me to go on a bike ride around the park, with Mr4 still wearing his goggles as glasses! When we came back they asked me to go on the trampoline with them which I love just as much as the roundabout at the park but of course I had to say yes! After a half an hour jumping and messing around in it they said they were tired and asked could they watch tv for a bit and could we get Pizza for dinner. YES of course was my reply! I happily obliged!

After pizza it was back out on the trampoline for an acrobatic show that I had to watch and give scores out of 10, followed by the movie COCO and the request to sleep in my bed. By 9pm I was falling asleep on the sofa, hardly able to keep my eyes opened while the two boys jumped around full of energy thanks to all the sugar they consumed all day long! By 9.30pm I was tucked up in bed with the boys, dont know when last on a Saturday night I was in bed that early.

Not going to lie the next morning I had pains in places and in muscles I didn't even know that existed in my body and I was still so tired from it all but the boys had a ball. I think for Mr6 it was about him being allowed to be the 'boss' for the day and for Mr4 it was all the eating of the treats. For me I did enjoy the day and probably 90% of what we did we would have done anyways, but I'm not sure if I liked the whole uncertainty of the day and not knowing what was going to happen or what next they were going to ask me to do! It definitely was full on, none stop and they didn't give us to many chances to sit!

Would I do it again?

Yes I definitely will as we really enjoyed the day and even though it was so full on, it was great fun.

Would you let your kids have a yes day?

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